Going Vegetarian for Lent – Days 44-45: Biscuits and Burgers

Getting so close to the end of the Lent Vegetarian and Plant-based diet challenge.  I was definitely feeling like some comfort food and pulled some of my favorites from the last 6 weeks.

Breakfast was vegan sausage and biscuits.  I followed Minimalist Baker’s simple and awesome recipe.  Now that I have all of the ingredients as “samples” on hand, it was a snap to bake these up in no time.


I had some left over soy sausage to use up and created one of my all time favorites, sausage biscuits.  Move over fast food giants, the vegan B&G’s are in the haus.

For lunch I went for a monster salad to keep the “more greens” requirements rolling.  Mixed greens, red and green peppers, apples, garlic vinaigrette, and some crushed Sun Chips to round it out.


I was on a roll today so figured why not fire up the BBQ and grill some burgers.  I grilled some grass-fed hamburger for the family and BBQ tofu and portobello mushroom for me.  I’ve made these before, so it was all about creating the perfect “burger”.  What says burger more than some secret sauce.  The secret sauce is really a take on thousand island dressing: Vegan mayo, catsup, and relish.

I love cooking on the grill.  Here you go!

Once all the piece parts were done, it was time to build the monster.  It definitely was a jaw expanding experience.  All I can say is this beauty would rival any burger (meat or not) on the planet.  BBQ tofu, BBQ portobello, lettuce, tomato, toasted bun, and secret sauce.


Given the full on culinary experience on Thursday, the next day was leftovers and eating out before going to a Royals baseball game.

A couple more 5K’s completed, but my left knee has about had it.  Going 48 straight days has taken its toll, so I will probably walk in the final 2.

Inspiration these days is knowing I will complete my goal, and reflecting on the final days of holy week.  To think this all happened so we could life our lives without sin and in harmony with the universe is pretty heavy stuff.

One more day to go until the end of this challenge, but possibly the start of something much larger.

Peace to all.


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