Going Vegetarian for Lent – Days 41-42: Back to basics.

Nothing spectacular to report on the culinary front.  I made a second attempt at Vegan Mac n Cheese.  I used vegetable broth instead of non-dairy milk.  Using the organic Better than Bullion kinda darkened up the color a bit, so not as “cheesy” looking as the first time.  It tasted great for something that looked a little bland.

I’m also trying to eat more salad and greens.  That’s something that has escaped me during the last couple of weeks seeking out different recipes.  I decided it was time to get back to the basics and work towards a more sustainable diet for everyday life.

Today I was taking care of my son’s dog and he was needing a little exercise, so I took him for a little 5K run.  Knocked out 2 must do’s for the price of 1.  After the run, I put together a nice lunch of leftovers and salad.

I used the left over soy sausage to make some little patties.  Just cooked them for about 4-5 min on each side in a lightly oiled pan.  Got plans for some biscuits and gravy in the morning.


Terrible picture, but you get the idea.  They almost look like ??

I used a couple patties to make a little vegan sausage and cheese sandwich.  Now that was a filling lunch.

Dinner was “what can we get quick that is somewhat healthy.  Chipotle, which is just down the road, was selected.  I really like they have a vegan/vegetarian “meat” option now.  Sofrita is a shredded tofu with chipotle chiles and roasted poblano mushrooms.  Seriously legit, even if you do typical go for pork, chicken, or beef.  Add in some peppers and onions, salsa, guacamole, and lettuce for a superb set of soft tacos.


This is really a basic dish, that satisfies the taste buds.  I appreciate it when restaurants serve basic menu items that have great flavor.

I was researching scriptures associated with this concept of “back to basics”, feeling the need for some inspiration.  I am craving a simpler life style, and this Lent challenge has shown me through food, some of the most satisfying culinary delights are very simple.  Too often I have been consumed with wanting more.  I need more, so I thought.  Trusting in the Lord and not your previous convictions, can be an uncomfortable position.  Wouldn’t you know the scripture that came before me was from Luke.

Luke 12:24 “Consider the ravens: they neither sow nor reap, they have neither storehouse nor barn, and yet God feeds them. Of how much more value are you than the birds!”

That will make you think regardless of your religious affiliation, if any…..

Peace to all.


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