Going Vegetarian (plant-based) for Lent- Day 38: Pancakes

I’ve been wanting to try out some Vegan pancake recipes for a while now and finally settled on a starting point.  I found about 50% of the recipies called for pastry flour and the others used just standard whole wheat flour.  We have a pretty large collection of flour types these days with pizza, biscuits, and other items we’re trying to perfect, so why not add another type to crowd the cupboard.  Pastry flour it was going to be this time.

I started with another great recipe from CookieandKate for Super Simple Vegan Pancakes.  I substituted whole wheat pastry flour and followed the recipe to the tee.  Even used coconut oil.  It is really super simple to follow, and the results turned out really good.


Used the recommended 1/4 cup to portion out the pancakes in the pan with a little coconut oil on the first round.  I didn’t add any additional for the remaining batches.


I was surprised how these pancakes turned out.  Looked like ones that had eggs in them, but NOT!.  Following the recipe quantity yielded a nice stack of hot cakes.


Add a healthy (??) portion of vegan butter and generous amount of pure maple syrup and it was go time.  I really enjoyed this breakfast.  I might rethink the coconut oil next time, as you could definitely taste the coconut flavor.  Still developing my taste for that.

Dinner was at a new local asian restaurant by our house.  My son and I decided to give it a go.  Always want to support the new comers and give them a chance.  Their menu was an interesting mix of Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese dishes.  The pure vegetarian options were limited, and I didn’t want to try anything too far out there since I was running a 5K race tomorrow morning.  I opted for the vegetables with garlic sauce.  Hit the spot for sure!  I will definitely give them another try.


Super easy run today to rest up for the race tomorrow.

My son made a batch of pizza dough tonight, so you know what that means.  Oh yea, tomorrow is PIZZA NIGHT!!

Peace to all.


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