Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 39: Pizza Night

Oh yea, think god it was pizza night again.  I love pizza.  The bubbly cheese, crisp veggies, and slightly charred crust.  Life is good.

Making my own pizza at home was really the primary reason I got a Big Green Egg.  I have several other charcoal cookers, but all previous attempts at great pizza were mediocre at best prior to the Egg.  It really is a close to brick over pizza as you can get.  My pre-Lent pizza favorite has always been sausage pizza.  Its been several months now since, so decided to give some “sausage” a try.  I made biscuits and gravy a while back and that was really good.  I used the store-bought soy-based “sausage” for this cook.  Add your basic veggies and it was a winner.

The key is getting the Egg over 600deg (F) and keeping it there for a long time.  Need the pizza stone and dome temperature to be as close to the same as possible.  You want the pizza to cook from the bottom up and top down at the same rate.  We’ve just about got this process dialed in tight.


It takes about 8 minutes to cook at this temperature, and I usually spin the pizza a couple of times since there are always hot spots.  As always my son’s dough recipe was really good.  Vegetarian Sausage Pizza!



Made a quick easy side salad to close the deal.  I really like a tangy salad dressing to go along with pizza.


Obviously this was not 100% plant-based (vegan) but I was having a weak moment after running a 5K race today (day 42 running).

I had a pretty good race finishing just out of the top 10% overall out of 1400+ participants.  Not bad for being a little fatigued, and operating on plant power!  Overall one of my faster stand alone 5K’s.

It’s a great time for those observing the Christian faith, as we prepare to enter Holy Week.  There are so many lessons to learn that are still applicable today, in how people treat others and how things can change quickly when people are influenced by others.

This also signifies the final week of my Vegetarian challenge.  So many thoughts are running through my head.  What happens when this is over?  Is it over?  Or is it just the beginning?

Time will tell.

Peace to all and go get your pizza on!



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