Going Vegetarian (Plant-based) for Lent – Day 37: Cheeseburgers

It’s been exactly 38 days since I ate my last real cheeseburger.  That was my last meal before Lent started.  It was time.  I needed something packed between a bun with all the fixings.  What would replace the meaty flavor and give me something juicy?  Portobello mushrooms to the rescue.

I fired up the grill, and prepared the burger.  I was cooking some black bean burgers for the family and a big giant mushroom for me.  I seasoned the shroom with my BBQ dry rub, and tossed it on the fire.



I slathered on some BBQ sauce during the cook because that’s just what I felt like doing today.


Seriously, this has to be the best beef burger substitute on the planet.  Meaty flavor, juice soaked bun, and so so delicious.  Garnished the burger with some vegan American cheese slices, vegan mayo, lettuce and tomato.  Roasted up some baked potato chunks with some olive oil and seasoning.  I would go for this meal any day of  the week, regardless of my culinary constitution.

Finished up the dinner with a couple grilled black bean lettuce wraps.  Didn’t want to waste any food, right (LOL).


Another good 5K run, but backing off the intensity a bit preparing for a 5K race in a couple of days.

How is it that the simple things in life bring so much satisfaction?  It truly is amazing grace.

Peace to all.


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