Going Vegetarian (Plant-based) for Lent – Day 36: 10 minute Pasta

Hump day, middle of the work week, always pressed for time.  So it seems.  Most days like this I would have punted and succumb to eating out.  Well, not so much anymore, given the closest real “vegan” restaurant is 30 min away and usually has a long wait.  Needing some quick nutrients, the game was on.  What could I cook in 10 minutes or less with ingredients I actually had in the house.

Quick scan of the playing field revealed bow tie pasta, zucchini squash, yellow squash, spinach, garlic, and some left over tomato basil marinara.  Score!!!

Pasta in boiling water, dice up the squash and start sautéing.  Throw in some garlic, and Italian seasoning.  In went the spinach, and more spinach, and more …   What is the deal with cooked spinach.  Does this stuff just evaporates or something LOL.

Added in the marinara sauce and dinner was served.  Roughly 10min from the time the water started boiling for the pasta.  My son’s dog was thinking this smelled good, but couldn’t quit reach the plate.  HAHA.


Another great day of running to make it 39 days straight.  Some guys I trained with last year did 100+ days straight over the winter.  Not sure I’ll make that, but 50 is for sure in sight.

I’ve been continuing to study and research the whole concept of Vegetarian versus Vegan.  While I haven’t had any serious issues staying true to the vegetarian diet (inclusion of eggs and dairy), striving for 100% plant-based(i.e.: vegan), is definitely more challenging.  It’s probably just a learning curve, and similar to how my cupboard and frig were stocked at the start of this challenge, I need to acquire some slightly different buying habits and change a few staple products that I keep in stock.

I am a strong proponent of “having the right tools for the job”.   Going the extra mile to eliminate dairy (mostly cheese) and eggs just takes “retooling”.  Also, one must retool the brain to think differently about the “why”.  I’ve come a long way in over 5 weeks in regards to the “why”.  It’s definitely no longer as simple as “why not“.

Peace to all.




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