Going Vegetarian for Lent – Days 31/32: Eating out.

Well, nothing significant to report food wise.  Ended up going out with friends for dinner at a local farm to table restaurant.  They specialize in interesting meat options like duck, beef cheek, aged hanger steak, and cauliflower steak.  Guess what I ordered!  Yep, cauliflower steak.  It was pretty good.  There must have been some major cumin seasoning in the dish.  I’ve noticed that this spice does not sit well with me, so kinda ruined the overall meal for me.  It was good to finally diagnose this issue, so not a total lose.  They had some good Parmesan eggplant, and my favorite beer Boulevard Tank 7) on tap.  Had to try the brussel sprouts as a side dish, but have to admit, I think mine are better.


The day before we went to a local brewery for some pretzels with beer cheese sauce and a really good veggie wrap.

Running continues even with the new back issues after helping my son lift a 400lb table saw out of his truck.  Think I would have learned this lesson after all these years. Oh well.

The good news is only 2 weeks to go to the finish line.  Eating vegetarian has been enjoyable and easily to execute.  Some great recipes were found and consumed.  The resources online are endless.  So thinking I need to push a little harder.

Decided to give the Vegan-ish diet a go.  I’ve used dairy and eggs as a crutch from time to time over the last 4 1/2 weeks.  Now I am going to go for it and see if I can finish the Lent challenge by eliminating the dairy and eggs.

We’ll see how it goes.


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