Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 33: Vegan style chili and cornbread.

With 2 weeks left until Easter, I want to give 100% plant-based diet a try.  Off to the store for vegan butter and a few essential items.  Today’s plan was cast iron dutch oven 3-bean chili and skillet cornbread.

I’ve made the veggie chili several times, but was wanting something different.  Quick scan of the pantry revealed lots of beans, fire roasted tomatoes, and plenty of spices. Got a wild hair and though about beer chili.  A quick search revealed a few recipes worthy of what I was thinking.  I used this Game Day Beer Chili as the basis for my concoction.  Most chili recipes have the same basic spices, just like BBQ rubs. It’s all about dialing in the flavor profile and heat that works for you.  I definitely left out the cumin, since I seem to have developed some not so good sensitivity to it.  Who knows why, but just doesn’t sit right with me.  Started with the essential onions, peppers, garlic, and a few carrots.


Sautéed the veggies and threw in some left over soyrizo for a little “meaty” texture and some interesting spice.  Once the veggies and soyrizo was were looking good, I put in the spices and cooked for another few minutes.  Then came the payoff with a bottle of unfiltered wheat beer to deglaze the dutch oven.  In went the fire roasted tomatoes and beans.


Cooked on a low simmer for another hour and it was more than ready.  I used most of the ingredients in the recipe except meat and cumin.  While the chili was humming along, I whipped up some vegan cornbread and put that in a cast iron skillet to bake in the oven.


Two servings of each later it was time for a nap (HAHA).  Seriously good grub, and 100% plant-based.  Left over corn bread for breakfast tomorrow!

35 run day streak continues, and was able to get outside and have a good one today.

It was a busy day at church, since it was our Sunday to work.  Guess I’ll have to watch the replay LOL.

Peace to all.


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