Going Vegetarian (Plant-based) for Lent – Days 29/30: Taking it easy.

Taking it easy might refer to the cooking the last few days, but doesn’t represent life. I find Wednesday and Thursday to be the tough days of the week.  Seem to be pushing the throttle and running short on excitement.  Enter Vegetarian style cuisine.  It really isn’t that hard to make up a fulfilling meal in no time.

I broke out the “I’m starting to get really hungry” cauliflower mac-n-cheese and hit up some leftovers to round out the meals.  It’s cool that getting into a rhythm of eating this way offers some real benefits on time management and nutritional qualities.

I pretty much hacked the cauliflower mac-n-cheese from a foodnetwork.com recipe with what was on hand, and it was great.  Cheesy, filling, and super tasty.  Never hurts to drizzle on some buffalo hot wing sauce to kick the heat up.


Added a nice side salad and some broccoli to round out the meal.  The next night I was super crunched for time again.  Sautéed up some zucchini, squash, and carrots.  Used some left over brown rice and Korean BBQ sauce to make a nice spicy rice bowl.


Little steam coming of the bowl fogged the camera (HAHA).  Hey, it was great and filled me up.  That’s the name of the game sometimes.

Running continues strong with another 5K in the bank.  I will be glad when I hit day 50, so I can take a break, then start ramping up the mileage again.  It is interesting how such a short distance can carry such fatigue when you go everyday.  Some days I have to really take it easy to rest up for more intense interval sets the next few days.

I’m pondering how to take this challenge to the next level over the last 2 weeks.  I have some ideas, but not fully committed yet.

Guess I need to just to go for it.  Saw a quote that inspired me.  “Your time as a caterpillar has expired, your wings are ready”.  Seems we always try to hold ourselves back even when we are ready to move forward.



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