Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 28: Taquitos

I frequent a local gas station quick food place that has a verity of taquitos that look really good, but super greasy.  Also not really sure what’s in them (if you know what I mean).  Figured why not give it a try, Vegetarian style.

So off to search the web for some ideas.  I quickly realized this could be one of the easiest items to make. Seriously, just a couple of ingredients and an oven, is all that you need.

I’ve also been looking for another excuse to try out some of what I call “fake meats”.  Tofu Chorizo, really?  What the heck, lets give it a go.


Just squeeze it out of the casing, and cook it.  I wasn’t exactly sure how to deal with the instructions which indicated cooking was required before consumption.  So I cooked some in a pan like hamburger.  Think I could have just used the taquito cooking time to get it edible.

I lined up a bunch of small taco sized corn tortillas and the fillings (soyrizo, black beans, corn, and cheese).  Put a little bit on the corn tortillas and roll tightly.  Load them in an oiled baking pan, put some toothpicks in them to hold their shape as the shrink slightly during the baking process, brush some olive or grape seed oil on the tops, and back until golden brown and crunchy.


These little dudes where awesome.  Crunchy, melted cheese, and the soyrizo filling was really good.  Nice and spicy.  Overall, a big hit.

Finished up the meal with some salad, brown rice, salsa, and avocados.  Definitely a super yummy and easy meal to prepare.

5K/day streak still alive.

The meal definitely falls into the category of “less is more”.  So too, should we focus all aspects of life in this manor.

Peace to all and enjoy simplicity.


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