Going Vegetarian (Plant-based) for Lent – Day 27: Dutch Oven Brussel Sprouts

Searching for a more balanced plant-based diet circled me back to the grill for some dutch oven Brussel Sprouts. It has taken me many tries to master the sprouts.  Seems to be one of  those mysterious foods that so many people struggle cooking.  But once you understand these little gems, it’s really not that hard.

After many failed attempts, I was at a local farm to table restaurant that specialized in brick oven cooking and the server highly recommended the brussel sprout appetizer.  I typically rely heavily on recommendations from the staff when eating out.  I make sure they know I’m paying, which usually results in them recommending only the top shelf items (or the tip is going to suck, if you catch my drift).

I was blown away on how good they were.  The next goal was to figure out how to master this dish.  After studying the appetizer flavors, serving plate (little cast iron dish), and the hint of balsamic vinaigrette, I researched several online recipes and developed my plan.

I started out pan roasting the guys to get a little crust on them, then finished in the oven.  Used a little S&P and garlic, then drizzled some balsamic vinaigrette over them after they were done.  Getting better…

This time, I broke out the cast iron dutch oven and fired up the charcoal.  Let the dutch oven come up to around 400deg and was ready to roll.

I prefer to cut the sprouts in half long ways, coat with a generous amount of EVO, heavy salt, and a little garlic powder.  Toss to get the sprout halves well coated.  And drop them in the hot cast iron.


I cooked them on the grill for about 20min, then transferred them to a 400deg oven to finish since I was running a bit behind on dinner schedule.  The other family members requested some grilled salmon, so needed the grill space.  I just love to cook, regardless of the food, so I obliged.  I didn’t partake in the consumption of the salmon and didn’t have any reservations or desires.


I added some left over lentils and baked sweet potato to round out my dinner.

I secured another run, but having some upper calf tightness that I’m working through.  Day 30 running everyday is the longest streak I’ve ever competed.  I’m just taking it easy, with 20 more to go.

I get a lot of satisfaction out of methodically working out challenges and seeing progress towards success.

Enjoy life and tackle the challenges.


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