Going Vegetarian (Plant-based) for Lent – Day 26: Going Deeper

Sunday, grilling, Sunday.  Oh yea, back at it on the grill.  Nothing gets me going like firing up the lump charcoal. I’ve been wanting to try BBQ Portobello mushroom for a while. Wasn’t exactly sure how to handle it.  Seasoning, oil or no oil, sauce?  All these decisions to be made.  So I decided to go with my gut, and wing it.

Going Deeper was the theme of the day at church and it rang true for everything today.  Strong message about how one needs to follow their heart and let go of our safety nets and venture into deeper waters (so to say).  The inspiration was from Luke 5:1-11. Follow your heart into areas less comfortable and let your faith guide you.   I was on my way to the local market for my customary Sunday food run, and for some reason I just drove past it and ended up back at church for a pastor chat. Always wanted to attend one, but always had an excuse to blow it off.  Something called me today, and it was a great time spent talking with the pastors in a small group setting.  Glad I ended up there today.

After my little detour, I finally made it to the store and stocked up on some major veggies and lentils.  I’ve never cooked lentils before, but feeling the need for more protein in my diet, seemed like a good idea.  Those little things are interesting, so now I’ve opened up to a new ingredient that I can expand the menu.  Also picked up some portobello mushrooms and a nice looking poblano pepper.  Not sure why, but looked good and their fun to burn up on the grill.

The dinner menu was set, and grill time was upon us.  Started off with the peppers.  Roasted some red peppers for a humus cook tonight.


Had some tempeh in the cooler, so put a nice coating of my home made BBQ rub on and grilled them up.  Lathered on a little BBQ sauce.

Then the asparagus and mushroom. Also cooked up a couple BBQ chicken breasts for the meat eaters in the family.


Finished the mushroom off with some peppers and cheese, and loaded up on the lentils.  Seriously good and took in around 35grams of plant powered protein.

The theme of the day continued as I headed out on my run before dinner.  The last few runs have been “survival” runs, with focus on recovery and keeping the streak alive.  As I was starting my run, one of my neighbors yelled “faster” as I went by.  He was right, I need to go deep today and bust out a faster run.  So I did, and somehow it all came together with a very satisfying run.

Funny how life offers up opportunities to take us out of our comfort zones.  Avoid the temptation to resist the unknown and venture into deeper waters.  You will be rewarded.

Peace to all and enjoy good eats.


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