Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 19: Grilling some Brocc, and pondering the Truth of Why.

Sunday, Grilling, Sunday.  Oh yea, Sunday’s are the best.  Church, donuts, veggie shopping, running and biking, and grilling.  Sunday’s are quickly becoming my recharge days.  So what’s going in the grill tonight.  Well, after a couple of days of stir fry and pizza’s, I needed something a little different.  I’ve been craving (a little bit) some good french fries.  Some really good ones, but that usually means going to a place that has great burgers.  That might be more than I can handle right now, so burgers and fry’s at home.

Break out the black bean burgers, sweet potato fries, and all the fixings.  We had some mushrooms that were in desperate need of being consumed, so on the grill they went with the burgers.


The run streak was leaving in a little nutrient deficit, so I pulled on the red onions, avocado, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and some thousand island dressing.  Plated that up with a piece of grilled broccoli (yea, that’s right), and crinkle cut sweet potato fries.


Damn, that was good Black Bean burger!

Tough run today, but kept the streak alive.

Like I said, Sundays are about recharging the body, mind, and soul.  Today’s inspiration comes from Mathew 7:24-27, Build your house on the rock.  This is the ending of Jesus Sermon on the Mount.  I consider this to be some of the most instrumental concepts of the ideals of Christianity that I subscribe.

I would equate this to other fundamental beliefs like Buddhism’s Four Noble Truths and Karma or even veganism ethical ideals rooted from the writing of Dr. Tuttle’s World Peace Diet and other influential documentary’s and studies.

What ever your beliefs are, follow ones path towards finding your truth and continue to educate thy self.  It’s great to be passionate about ones beliefs.  I believe firmly in passion.  But there can be a very thin line between passion and hypocrisy if one’s not careful.

I guess it was the Tempeh Burnt Ends I tried to cook that got me thinking.  If one chooses not to eat pork, then why would one seek to simulate all the sensations of eating pork?

More to come as I continue to develop my thoughts on alternate culinary lifestyles and fully understand the Truth of Why I’m and others make these choices.


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