Going Vegetarian for Lent- Day 18: Lulu’s

Not much to report today.  Just doing my thing and taking care of business.  Family day on the town ended with a quick dinner at Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop in the Crossroad district.  Started with some veggie rangoon.  Couldn’t really tell there wasn’t the traditional fake crab in them, so enjoyed the little crunchy critters.

My oldest hooked me up with my first Bahn mi sandwich several months ago, and it was pretty authentic.  Not sure what it was, other than some seriously spicy sauce, and  jalapeños.  So, when I saw this on the menu, I figured it would be a little milder than the previous encounter, and it was made with ground tofu.  Sounds like a plan to check the boxes: Vegetarian and filling.  It was pretty good, but only having had this dish twice now, I think a more authentic version would have been more adventurous.


Others had Pad Thai noodles, and several other dishes which were very good.  I couldn’t really taste test all the dishes, since they had chicken in them.

I would definitely eat at Lulu’s again, but will be looking for something different to try.

Extended the run today to boost the weekly mileage.  Weekends are always a blur, so honestly it was just another day in the books.

Sometimes that’s ok.  Just do your thing, spend time with the family when the opportunity presents itself, and enjoy life.


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