Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 17: Pizza night (take 2)

Yep, that’s right, time for pizza again.  Got to give my son props for mastering the dough.  He’s a perfectionist at heart and tends to relate to the Alton Brown approach.  Very technical, but also very tasty.  Link here to the pizza dough recipe.

We are learning the tricks to managing the ideal fire and heat setup on the BGE. Really need to load that baby up with high quality lump charcoal like Rockwood.  Any good quality lump (that doesn’t spark crazy when lit) that you can get locally will do.  As I have learned, pick a brand you can easily obtain on a regular basis, because you need to learn the lump to produce consistent cooks.

We fired up the BGE and brought it up to 400deg with the pizza stone setup installed, and let it sit there for about 45 min, while the pizza dough was warming to room temperature.  About 15 minutes before pizza making time, I cranked it up to 600deg, and worked to maintain 600-650deg throughout the pizza cook.  We cooked a total of 5 pizza’s with each one taking around 7-8 minutes each.


Kids wanted pepperoni and the wife always goes for margarita pizza.  Of course I went for some major veggies.

Love making pizza on the BGE.  One of the main reasons I invested in this grill/smoker/pizza oven/etc.  I have 2 other Weber charcoal grill/smoker, but these kamado style grills are the bomb.

Another run today in the books to keep the goal alive.  As the time has been clicking along, I have to remind myself not to rush any of this.  The point is to enjoy life, embrace the challenges, and make sure there is purpose in your actions.

Peace and go enjoy a slice of home-made goodness!




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