Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 16: Stirring it up on the grill

The early spring weather was back and it was a perfect night to get on the grill.  It was time again to break out the wok and fire up the BGE.  Second time cooking on the wok, and starting to get the hang of it.  Temperature control was much better, and was able to maintain a good fire for cooking 4 portions.

The key was absolutely about the prep.  I got all the veggies cut up and ready for everyone to build their custom stir fry concoction.


Everyone enjoyed cooking their own mixture and we complimented the stir fry veggies with pad thai noodles and rice.


Wok is looking good with some super hot lump and crisp veggies.  Learning that less is more when using the wok.  Cook multiple rounds with smaller quantities works best.

I went last of course, and cleaned up with some major greeds.  Love the fresh crisp taste of the veggies.


Another good day of running and enjoying a vegetarian dinner with my family (minus one who’s trekking around Asia- Singapore right now).

Peace and enjoy cooking a family dinner where everyone can participate.


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