Going Vegetarian Day 12 – Grilling some Veggies

After 2 days off the grill, I needed to get smoky.   Think I sleep better after getting some smoke on.  My youngest is home for spring break and was wanting some Mac N  Cheese.  Cauliflower Mac N Cheese to be exact.  I was pretty excited about that, so game on.

I found several good recipes that fit the bill and most were very similar only varying based on cheese selection.   Settled in on this one from Food Network.

We had some smoked gruyere cheese and some white cheddar.  Otherwise, I followed the recipe pretty close.  Came out super good and think I ate 3 huge helpings.


What better than some grilled veggie kabob to compliment this cheesy cauliflower goodness.  I love doing veggie kabob’s so everyone can stab up what ever suits their fancy.


I really dig cooking corn on the cob this way, but will say, it can be dangerous.  Stabbed myself once building the kabobs, and it can be a challenge getting the corn off the skewers.  Next time I might break out the cordless drill and put a hole in the corn (LOL).

Knocked out an easy 5K to keep the streak alive.

It was a typical Sunday and really didn’t do much after church except typical grocery shopping and some family time.  Sometimes it’s good to just step back and enjoy the simpler things in life.

After dinner, my son made some awesome humans from scratch.  I roasted up some red peppers on the grill and he went to work on the chickpeas, tahini, and garlic.  Yea, good stuff for the first attempt at home made humans.  Followed a great Alton Brown recipe, so you know it was “technically” correct. HAHA


Peace and enjoy the small things in life.


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