Going Veterinarian for Lent – Days 10 & 11: Eating out.

Some days I just don’t feel like or have time to cook for myself.  Friday seem to be hectic lately.  After a long week, it was off to Panera Bread for some vegetarian tomato soup and greek salad.

Saturday we already had plans to go out for my sister’s birthday at a local Italian restaurant.  I had some toasted ravioli appetizer, house salad, spaghetti with tomato sauce, and mixed grilled vegetables.  After dinner we indulged in a small amount of carrot cake.  That’s “Vegetarian” right?

I didn’t take any pictures since my food choices were pretty self-explanatory.  Did the best I could to stay true to the diet.  It’s starting to come to light how difficult it can be for people who practice strict diets like vegan or gluten free.  We struggle sometimes sympathizing with my vegan daughter when eating out.  Why all the questions about the food?  What does it matter if how the food is prepared?

Well, it does matter to them, and it should matter to us.  While it might not carry the same impact as someone with a serious peanut allergy or something like that, that doesn’t minimize the importance.  Understanding what your eating is as important as politics, environmental issues, and religious ideals to many.

I was at the grocery store today, and walked by some Captain Crunch cereal.  First thought was “Oh, that sure looks yummy”.   Grabbed a box and the first thing I did without really thinking about it was start reading the ingredients.  Scanning through the first 10 or so, everything looked like basic stuff (while not necessarily healthy) until I hit the dreaded “Palm Oil”.

Now, not too long ago, I wouldn’t have stopped at Palm Oil and immediately put the item back on the shelf.  So what’s different today?  Something to do with the massive destruction of rain forests to maximize the production of palm oil for commercial food manufacturing.  It’s not a pretty situation and has definitely changed my perspective.  Click here if you want to read up on this issue. Warning, most folks seem to avoid this level of education.

As my daughter says, you can make a difference by the buying decisions you make and it starts with you.

Funny how this perspective on food parallels other life situations.  At church today, the message was how God empowers each of us to work his miracles.  You have to be the one to care, take action, and not sit back and do nothing.  Same goes for the environment, food production, and human rights.

Day 15 of 5K/day completed and starting to figure out the new diet.  My goal is to fully understand why it’s important to care about what we eat, and total impact that’s created to fuel our bodies.

Peace and enjoy life.


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