Going Vegetarian for Lent – Days 3-4

DAY 3: What a blur the last 2 days have been. Started a master bath (en suite) remodeling job at the house. Couple of long days left me without any time to cook, so it was off to the local eateries to try some veggie items.

Day 3 was typical Kashi cereal with almond milk, PBJ, mixed fruit, and Garden Supreme King size pizza. King size as in large. The local pizzeria is a local chain now, with several locations in the area. I grew up as a kid eating at the original site, and I may fond memories from my childhood going there after little league games and for birthday parties. My favorite pizza is their pork sausage. It makes for some awesome cold leftovers the next day. I remember my sister always wanted hamburger and I wanted sausage, so we would get the half and half. The always put a pickle on the hamburger side so you could tell the difference. We used to fight over who got the hot gooey pickle. Hey, that would be a great restaurant name, “The Gooey Pickle” HAHA. Quick search “on the line” didn’t reveal anything so go for it… [sorry for the bad picture of the pizza, but I was soooo hungry I forgot to snap a pic before I dug in LOL]

Managed to squeeze in my 5K run and it was great to take my mind off the construction project for a few minutes. I was so hungry by the time I got the run finished and picked up the grand puppy from doggie day care, I devoured over half the pizza and salad in record time.

Inspiration for the day comes from Joshua 1:9 which reminds us to be strong and not to worry that God is always there for use. My youngest picked that one for me today, since I was very concerned on what I might find behind the bathroom shower wall. I was expecting some major water damage, but it’s not as bad as I imagined and nothing we can’t repair. Thanks KB for this one.

DAY 4: More of the same on the bathroom remodel.  I really enjoy working on project around the house and doing costruction work, but got to admit, tearing the existing stuff out is really hard work.  You have to stay focused and be methodical or bad things can happen.  No time for cooking again, but the end of the demo phase is near.

Built up a nice sugar buzz to get the day started and snacked on left over veggie pizza most of the day.  I knew when I woke up that it was Potato Taco night.  My vegan daughter tried these at the local Mexican restaurant a few months back, and they are pretty “yummy” as she says.  I will try and master this recipe in the weeks ahead.  Not exactly sure of the spices used, but its somewhere between traditional taco and fajitas.  Basically seasoned diced potatoes.  It’s really an ingenious idea, tastes great, and will fill you up.  That’s exactly what I needed after a hard days work.


Forced a slow 5K in before dinner.  Its nothing out of the norm for me to train everyday, but I had some extended down time from training after my last IM race, so getting back up to speed coupled with serious manual labor will wipe you out.  Thanks to my good friend EE for providing the perfect recovery drink to rebuild my mental capacity. Got to love the local brewery!


Inspiration for the day comes from Isaiah 40:31 “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Keep the your heads down, always moving forward, and great things are possible.  Enjoy life!



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