Going Vegetarian for Lent- Day 5: Wok this way…

Well, the bathroom demo work is complete and FINALLY it go back to the Q today! Special thanks to my son for helping haul out the last ton of floor tile and concrete board.

So with that out of the way, on to the task at hand.  Put the new wok into action on the BGE.  First up, season the new wok.  Now this is my first carbon steel wok, so I read the 3 lines of instructions that came with it and watched a couple vid’s.  Seemed pretty simple, wash the oily stuff off it from the manufacturing process, oil it (peanut is what I had on hand), and heat it up.  Burn baby burn, YEA!

Nothing like great lump charcoal fire on the Big Green Egg.  Thanks to Ceramic Grill Store for the wok, wok ring, brush, and wok stand.  Heated up nicely and got a pretty good season.  Cooked some kale as the first cook, to break it in.

Then it was “Go Time”.  Had a great mix of veggies, and some rice noodles ready to go.  Seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic, little soy sauce, and chili sauce.


Stir fry away…

It was really fun, cooking the different ingredients, then putting it all together for the final meal.  Got to say, one of the better meals I’ve cooked on the BGE, and that’s saying a lot, given some great smoked port butt, ribs, and briskets.

The inspiration for the day, Mark 1:12-13, yields from the message today at church discussing the negative impact of temptation and how Jesus was tempted by Satin.  Yes, I was so tempted to blow it off my run today.  I’m tired from the bathroom project and just wanted to get to the Q.  But I made a commitment and want to see it through, God willing.  So I just went into IM training mind set, piped some Lumineers into the ear buds, mounted up the treadmill, and got my 5K  done.  That’s the thing with running or working out in general,  Its so easy not to do it, but you feel great when you complete the task.

The only reason I’m trying to run 5K a day during Lent is to force the concept of commitment and overcome the temptation to not do something I’m fully capable of everyday.  It’s also about creating the best base possible for future training needs and injury prevention over the long haul.  I stole the idea from EE, SS, DJ and other Endurance Nation athletes.  I admire these guys and their commitment, and they all lead by example.

Hope everyone stays focused on their goals and any commitments you’ve made.  Peace to all, and make everyday the best day possible.


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