Super Bowl 2017 Party

Wanted to recap our annual Super Bowl BBQ bonanza for 2017.  Yes is was another epic  performance by all teams.  Mass quantities of smoke and BBQ meat, side dishes that stood on their own, and the deserts.  Oh the deserts, just the final blow to put you down for the count.

Thanks to all that attended and brought their A game.  Special thanks to Kerry for fighting through the wind and smoking up some killer baby back, brats, and the imfomus pulled pork.  I rounded out the meat-fest doing a 18hr brisket, 100 chicken wings, and with some help from the son, pizza on our new BGE.  And I tested out some buffalo cauliflower honor the vegan daughter. Super yum!

It was a bit ridiculous the amount of food cooked and consumed, but isn’t that what a “party” is all about.  Well, maybe we might have over done it a tad. Kerry warned me, but as you might be figuring out, I’m the over do it kinda of guy.  To quote my wife after everyone had left, “You guys either need to invite a ton more people, or cut back on how much you cook. There was so much meat, it was giving me anxiety”.  Point well taken.

I guess close to 50lbs of BBQ is a bit much for a 30-40 person party (LOL).  So next year it will be about the quality, not the quantity (maybe….).  See y’all next year!

The spread
Prime Brisket
100 Wings double stacked
Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings




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