Going Vegetarian for Lent – Day 2

Today’s inspiration is strength.  With out strength, there would be no will, and without will, there is no reason.  The reason for this is to see if I can do it, and if it will make me a better person.

Figured it wont be easy, so have to pace myself.  Wasn’t feeling like doing anything fancy so reverted to some comfort food for breakfast and motivation.

This is a recipe I’ve made many times and shared with a few folks.  It’s called my Hashbrown Omelet.  Basically hash browns with filling and folded over in the shape of a traditional omelet.  Pretty easy if you have patience.  Takes a while for the potatoes to cook.

Ingredients are russet potato shred on my cheese grater.  Add anything you like, so I sautéed up some red onion, green peppers and tomatoes while the hashies were browning.  Little trick, use liberal butter (or oil for vegan) and spread the potatoes out even in a large skillet.  Wait…. wait… and when they cooked for 10 min or so and starting to get golden brown, slide them off on to a large plate.  Then flip them back into the pan on the other side.  Might take a few tries to dial in your aim, but works like a champ.  Repeat until both sides are crispy golden brown.


Add your pre-cooked ingredients and there you have it.  Slide it off to it’s final resting plate.  Fold it over like an omelet if you want or dig in.

Dinner was pretty easy, as I was running short on time.  Basic veggie pasta with spiral cut zucchini and yellow squash, red onions, red pepper, carrots, mushrooms, and some bow tie pasta to fill me up.  This was closer to vegan, but love to use butter to sauté the shrooms!

Used that strength I talked about earlier to get my 5K done on the treadmill before dinner.  Sure didn’t feel like it, but funny how its these times you actually have a good run, and feel tons better.

Today’s inspiration: Isaiah 40:29-31.  My daughters interpretation is “when your tired and feeling week, god is there to pick you and give you the strength to keep moving”

Pretty cool day, and hope to get back on the Q tomorrow!  Enjoy life.


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