Going Vegetarian for Lent: Day 1 – I survived

Day 1 is in the books (from a culinary standpoint) and as expected I’m still alive without eating any meat.  Did sneak a little cheese into the diet today (just in case, to make sure I didn’t die..).

Check 1 – The food.  Nothing much exciting today, since my meal plan has Wednesday’s as “left over” days.  Got to make sure we’re not wasteful.  Some Kashi cereal with almond milk to start the day off.  Left over quinoa and black beans burrito style with some havarti cheese on whole grain tortilla for lunch.  Dinner was left over Dutch Oven (DO) veggie stew cooked on the BGE.  Of course I had a small PBJ for my snack, that’s a daily ration for me!  Throw in some servings of fruit and a couple carrots for good eyesight, and I made it.

Speaking of meal plans, check out theroastedroot for some awesome Vegetarian meal plans with options for vegan / Gluten free and animal protein modifications.

Check 2 – 5K on the dreadmill.  Slow and steady, 46 more to go to make 50 days of 5K.

Check 3 – Inspirational for the day.  Joel 2:12-14.  Lent is about regaining self-control, especially in those areas that damage others. We don’t admire those whose appetites or habits lead them by the nose.

This adventure is about taking a different approach, trying new things, pushing the pause button on what’s comfortable, and seeing what the net impact is.


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