Going Vegetarian for Lent

WHAT….  He’s doing WHAT….  Yep, that’s right, going Vegetarian for Lent.  Given I’ve spent the better part of my life mastering the art of BBQ.  You know, the whole Man-Fire-Meat thing.  Born, raised, and living in what I consider the Mecca of BBQ (Kansas City), there are standards that must be met.  One must always strive to exceed those standards.  So given my personality, I tend to always over do things.  Well, here comes another over the top adventure to explore a culinary challenge that removes the primary BBQ ingredient, the meat.  Let the games begin!

There’s always more to the story, right?  Why this and why now.  I’m always in search of more.  Always wanting to learn more.  Always wanting to push myself into uncomfortable situations.  Push the envelope.  Must be the way I keep life interesting, or maybe I’m just not right.  Who knows, but it is what it is.

This must be in my DNA and thus transferred in some form to my children.  Proud to say they all push me to be a better person.  They have all the extremes covered from far left to the far right, exploring Christian bliefs to Budism, and loving the KCQ to vegan only.

When my son presented us with the question, “What are you going to give up for Lent?”, the wheels started turning.  People always ask me why do I you do Ironman Triathlons, hike the Grand Canyon,  or all the other crazy stuff I’ve done in my life, and my anwer has always been “Why not”.

So, this lead me to honor my children’s current inspirations.  Blend the philosophy’s that are shaping their lives.  Become the student, instead of the teacher.  No greater satisfaction as a parent then recognizing your children no longer need to us to be the teacher, and that we have successfully prepared them to learn on their own and form their own identities.

That’s the “why not” for me.  Walk in their shoes for a few months, explore new culinary boundaries and religious philosophies. Utilize the BBQ tools and techniques I have accumulated over my life, and see what comes out the other side.

Oh yea, forgot to mention, going to run a 5K a day, just to keep me grounded.

I will document my experience and see how things progress.  And for those who think I’ve totally lost my mind, I’ve got my eye on a Wagu Brisket for Easter dinner!


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